Brand Promise

Being at the top is both an advantage and a lifestyle. Thus, how to get people to build a deeper relationship with a car dealer?
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We Prove It

With changing a traditional event into engagement. We've engaged all five senses to talk about buying new vehicles, and allowed people to experience their qualities, mixed with a hefty dose of emotion.
What are perfect machines for, if not to experience them?

In a Nutshell

Pure experience. We organised a treasure hunt that became synonymous with the connections between cars and experiences. Sharing. We prepared life events that were hidden in a cloak of secrecy, and that people had to talk about and share. Long term. We created an overall strategy as a basis for a communication platform www.advantage-season.cz. Building a community. We put together a programme that allows customers to feel as if they’re part of something bigger.

The Experience

Creation of an active community.
Appearances in sports and lifestyle media.
Greater brand awareness through strong buzz and WOM.

What are your products for, if not to experience them?



Two things are in operation here. People get out for real experiences, enjoy themselves and share it. Like a children’s camp for adults that’s got ideas and an edge. And there’s also a strong sales aspect – they see other people in different cars, have the opportunity to look at them and motivate themselves to buy another one.

Lukáš Franěk
Managing Director

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