Experiential marketing agency.

We create strong engagement connection between the brand and consumer. Impressive enough that people have need to share them.


Experiential [: engagement or live :] marketing is an open concept with interesting consequences for communication.
Unlike traditional marketing which focuses on functional elements and benefits, experiential marketing emphasises consumption. We ask how a brand can transform a customer’s experience in the moment of use or consumption. Experiences help customers build a relationship with the brand and become its co-creators.

“It’s more and more difficult to succeed through traditional advertising.” Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing officer, Mastercard.

Traditional marketing is based on one-way communication. Traditional advertising is a monologue which expects a response. The traditional “push” style therefore often feels disruptive. On the other hand, a brand using experience marketing creates a space that it invites people in; a natural environment in which customers feel amazed and cared for.
The objective of “experiential” activities is to make the customers feel the voluntary need to share the brand and its values on their own initiative and to naturally motivate themselves and others to purchase. To create a long-term relationship between the customers and brand and with it also increase sales.

Brands have character. Our job is to give these characters real life, based on a real relationship with real people. And we know that customers forge the strongest relationships with brands through shared experience.
For this reason, we create a natural environment for brands and their customers which focuses on positive emotions and feelings. This is the basis of a strong and long-term relationship that is beneficial to both sides.

People naturally form groups and communities; they have an innate and deeply felt need to belong. And even though you can’t establish a meaningful relationship with a crowd but only with an individual, brands still have the potential to create such spaces and communicate with every single member. That’s why brands have always been and will always be an inseparable part of marketing communication. The only thing that we need to do is transform brand monologue into a dialogue with each individual.

Touchpoints are moments in the selected strategy or event that create sufficiently strong emotional links between the brand and customer, boost identification with influencers and generate traffic and sales performance. Fun moments in which we’re able to turn brand storytelling into evolution-engaging. An approach in which the customer is part of the brand’s evolution and the brand has the opportunity to influence the quality of the customer’s life. People feel a strong natural need to share stories that they were part of. On social networks as well as in real life.

We combine technology, tools, strategies, creativity and real customers. We facilitate conversations that build meaningful relationships between people and brands. We believe that in the business process as a whole, we should only speak to people at a time when they want to listen and through channels they prefer.

We utilise the real and virtual lives of our customers. In real life, we build relationship with the brand through values and complex experiences. We use the virtual world to grab their attention and extend our reach. It’s not either-or. Every tool of online, offline or event marketing has its use in the right hands.
Correctly set up communication particularly benefits sales.

It’s an evolution of the brand. From brand recognition and repeated brand awareness, we must develop a brand experience. Establish an attractive relationship with the customer through mutual contact and deep experience. That’s what modern marketing is like.