Brand Promise

Siemens coffee machines are modern, durable and make tasty coffee. Thus, how to evoke emotions in association with the brand so that the target group starts to respect the brand again and has a reason to own it?
/ Siemens

We Prove It

We believe in their quality so much that we decided to put them to the test right in front of you.
We've moved from brand awareness to brand engagement and we focused on the moment of consumption.
#sqvl coffee by Siemens.
*SQVL = creative take on the Czech word SKVĚLÉ = AWESOME (OSM), invented by Innovate exclusively for Siemens.

In a Nutshell

Live brand experience. It helped us to drive word-of-mouth among the relevant target audience and became the core of the experiential marketing (ExM) campaign. Surprise. With the special truck-trailer where we inspire them to have their own experience using Siemens coffee machines. Engagement. We supported their creativity by using the newest printing technology to put a picture from their smart phones onto their coffee. Sharing. With #sqvl and supported by a microsite, social net activities and influencers.

The Experience

800 - 1,000 people per day with direct, long-lasting experience of the brand. Visitors taking part in activities engaged five senses in active testing of the product, gained information about the brand and tried out coffee machines to see how they work in real life. They shared all of those experiences in discussion groups that were in line with the event’s main message of “It’s a joy to share great moments”. At the end of the year, there was growth in the sales of Siemens coffee machines. The event was also well-received at Siemens head office in Munich, where we are going in 2019 to give a presentation on the event in person. We’re really looking forward to it.

Campaign is ongoing.

with direct, long-lasting experience of the brand
of active product testing
beloved at Siemens head office
in Munich

Sqvl ExM by Innovate.



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