Brand Promise

The people at BHS are experts in the world of finance. Thus, how should one behave in a world that has lost trust after the collapse of the stock markets in 2011?
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We Prove It

This was masterpieces. We've opened communication with the public and allowed people to gain insight into how new investment opportunities are prepared.
Let the leaders make the money.

In a Nutshell

Marketing needs content. Together we created a unique source of specialized information for both the public and media full of useful, comprehensible material. Firm foundation. We built a “temple” to the world of investment – Diligent work on trust. We chose high-quality editorial work instead of persuading customers with the classic form of product advertising. Creative invitation. We attracted interest through smart trailers in both real and digital worlds.

The Experience

1st place in organic Google search with most commonly searched words from the financial sector (bonds, investment certificate) in a 24-month period.
+100,000 new website visitors.
Millions of crowns entrusted by new investors during the first 3 months.

1st place In Google Search
+ 100,000 Website Visitors
Millions Of Crowns
Entrusted By
New Investors

Let the leaders innovate your campaigns, too.



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