Brand Promise

Podravka herb and spice mixtures bring new cooking experiences. Thus, how to attract attention to a shelf with spice mixes and tell people that this purchase decision is the right one?
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We Prove It

We've let people discover the magic of new spice mixes. Spiced-up concept created strong word-of-mouth, which supports sales and reaches 12 x more people than television.
Grap It And Spice It Up.

In a Nutshell

Catchy idea. We chose visually distinctive communication that differed from many everyday spices at the point of sale. Personal experience. We designed a campaign that presents the idea that cooking and eating food is fun and something that is best shared with family/friends. Reach. We decided to engage thousands with brand parties, and through carefully crafted brand experiences reached hundreds of thousands of influencers and their friends.

The Experience

2,000 sets of POSM placed in shops. Podravka spice mixes established themselves on the market very well within a single year. 

We also designed 725 influencer brand parties with 7,850 people to get > 96,000 unique web visitors plus > 310,000 people reached by word-of-mouth.

2,000 sets of POSM in
725 influencer
7,850 people
> 96,000 unique web visitors
310,000 word of mouth

Spice Up The Experience.


Making fun become part of our personality.



Unlike others, our Cookies can be enjoyed.

Do you step to discover?