Brand Promise

You need courage to go your own way. Thus, how to create a philosophy and strategy for a new brand of coffee so that it’s accepted in the HORECA segment without any further conditions?
/ dp Coffee

We Prove It

We've created a rebel image for the brand. Logically, the communication style then emphasise the decision to go one’s own way and not worry about what others think.
Coffee. Without pointless chat.

In a Nutshell

Outlaw. We created the image of a character who helps the world, break the rules and banish the feeling of powerlessness. We found a steady place and shook the market. We specified the strengths and weaknesses of the competing Julius Meinl, Dallmayr, Douwe Egberts and Illy brands. We decided to play by our own rules and admit that we’re an alternative – until we set up our own kingdom. Come to the dark side. We have black coffee.

The Experience

After the first year you can now encounter dp Coffee in three key hotel chains in the Czech Republic.

3 keys hotel chain

in the Czech Republic

Experiential. Without pointless chat.



Unlike others, our Cookies can be enjoyed.

Do you step to discover?