Brand Promise

Train travel is trendy for the young, too. Thus, how to build a long-term and positive relationship of Generation Z to travel by trains of the national carrier?
/ Czech Railways

We Prove It

With connecting those who are building a new world in their own way, and a traditional brand.
#vlaknroll. Accept the Youtuber Challenge.

In a Nutshell

Exeriential marketing. Selected followers took Czech Railways trains to destinations together with their favorite influencers, performed crazy tasks, took part in competitions, and filmed reports. Social sharing. We created challenges that fans could complete and rate, then share their results. Connection to sales. We linked the campaign to the option of buying a specific product.

The Experience

All videos placed first in Youtube trends.
KPIs met to 170.5 %.
Campaign reach > 17 mil. of impressions, 150K of interactions
2 % negative responses made this campaign most successful influencer project.
Videos from the project used by TV Óčko free of charge as summer programming.

Leading actors: I am Dora, Jounas&Radkolf, Filip Komínek, Wonderbolt & > 600 followers
Starring: MentT, Kovy, Anna Šulcová, Bára Votíková
In supporting roles: Ester a Josefína, Andrea Kalousová, VláďaVideos, House, Smusa, Pimps, Linda Macáková, Luboš Je Celkem Fajn

170.5 % KPIs
> 17 mil. campaign impr.;
150K of interactions
2 % negative responses
free of charge
content used by TV

Social media

Accept the challenge to change traditional campaigns into experiences.

The Comments.

I am Dora: Traveller, lifestyle blogger, photographer. Vlak´n´roll participant. Read the full article here: From the beginning to the first task.


YouTube: Check the Vlak´n´roll channel. It is still on air.


Social media in English:



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