Brand Promise

A search engine for holiday tours – that’s fine, and what next? Thus, how to sell more holidays and make online travel marketing more effective at a time when there is lack of unique benefits?
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We Prove It

All we've needed to do was realised that what matters isn’t who, but how. And that you can also fall in love with the choosing and buying of a holiday.
The shortest route to your holiday.

In a Nutshell

Put user experience first. We exchanged the traditional strategy in digital marketing for experience, taking visitors into account as much as possible and adapting to their expectations and behaviour. The courage to try new options. We actively tested new options and implemented them into the change process. Increased efficiency of tools used. We drew on the experiences of our specialists in the field and focused on selecting strategies that brought long-term results. At the same time we eliminated inefficient procedures and tools.

The Experience?

ROI increased 30 % in 6 months.
Sales increased 27,9 %.

+30 % + 27,9 %

The shortest route to your new experience.



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