We are a leading Czech
experiential marketing agency.

Our ambition is to be something other than your creative, digital or events agency. While these organisations aim to create awareness of the promises and benefits of a brand, our job is to prove these benefits through specific, direct experience, which we then disseminate.


We activate brands and implement strategies that make people strong brand supporters who can influence the purchasing decisions of thousands of others.


We create authentic content that accelerates other marketing activities and increases both sales and ROI. *Results of an experiential campaign for Czech Railways.


We deliver concepts that entertain people and encourage them to share their brand experiences and make them memorable.

People have become a medium.
For people to believe in something,
they must experience its benefits for themselves.
Then, they share this experience with other people in real time.
This is the strongest impulse to buy in both
the brick-and-mortar and digital worlds.

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That’s why we include
personal experience in the marketing mix.

We turn a brand’s promise and benefits
into experiences.

We can prepare ideas
of how these activities will look for your brand.
All we need is for you to give us
some details

Unlike others, our Cookies can be enjoyed.

Do you step to discover?