Ideal conditions, rain or shine.

We own a studio close to the center of Prague that provides an unmatched atmosphere under any lighting conditions and an essential setting for an all-day shoot. Thanks to top lighting technology, we excel at exteriors. We also offer lighting gear and other equipment for rent.

Our distinguished studio at Náměstí Bratří Synků is suitable for training and individual shoots. It offers ideal conditions – natural daylight and the option of blocking out ambient light. We have lighting equipment with outputs of 300 W, 500 W, and 800 W, both portable and fixed. 

The right background makes for the perfect photo. We have unlimited fixed white backgrounds, scrolling monotone backgrounds, and dozens of thematic backdrops as well. You can also try black glass for photos with reflections.

You also have plenty of support in our studio for comfortable work – a pleasant reception area, control room, kitchen, and work area. The Wi-Fi connection goes without saying.

The price of rental, including the equipment of your choice, is CZK 2.000 / 3 hours and CZK 500 for each subsequent hour begun. Special rates available for longer term rentals. Parking is provided in the courtyard, and you can work freely from morning to night. The studio comfortably accommodates 8 persons.


Portable lighting offers flexibility when shooting, with a massive light output of 1200 W. It can be used for exterior and interior photo shoots where electricity is not available. It is intuitive and easy to operate.

The kit is composed of two strong lights suitable for shoots in full daylight, tripods, high-power battery pack with replacement batteries, honeycomb grids, softboxes, reflectors, and a beauty dish. The equipment includes 2x remote controls which allow you to comfortably set the intensity of the lighting from wherever you are. The price list and conditions of rental for the mobile lighting kit are negotiated on an individual basis.


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