Daring To Be Different

Creating effective campaigns and events is kind of brave. Coming up with ideas that serve the brand must be done without fear. Being responsible for the results takes courage.


We’re experiential marketing agency. Every day we bring new inspiration to strategic projects and special events. Our motto is “daring to be different” – we bring our clients imaginative ideas and we’re not afraid to take risks and create unique solutions. The creators of our creative punk approach is Jiří Macháček, who founded Innovate in 2002, our creative director from Canada, our copywriter from England, and our incredible execution team from Prague’s Nusle.

Innovate was born of passion.

From a passion to stand out, not only in our style of work and our ownership of results, but also in our selection of people. The award we earned for Best Media of the Year for Algida kicked everything into high gear. Over time we have created a team that fits, helps each other out, and is constantly coming up with something new.

We love diversity.

Some of us studied marketing and graphic design in school, others bring experience from years at the highly creative school of life. Some of us work overseas, others sit right in the agency. This gives us perspective and varied experience. But we all consider the projects we take on as our own, and that's important.

“I used to work in another agency for a large brand, and at times it was like amateur partisanship. Here, there’s clear skill and we know what kind of result to expect.

Marek Janouch, Project Coordinator

Innovate? The opposite of stuffy.

We have excellent projects that are fun in themselves, but, like any agency, projects also land on our table that might seem routine. But we reject boredom. We look for hidden power. And we love finding something completely new.

Jirka came up with something that was supposed to be a vision, and asked us if we’re all okay with it. We worked on it and now it's more ours than Jirka’s. Now it’s Innovate.

Wanda Toaderová, Account Supervisor

Our passion and love for our work give us a drive to discover. Precision is our path to trust.

We don't work for brands so that people trust them, we believe in those brands - that's why we work for them. And when you’re convinced that the work you do is right, others will easily believe you. Indeed, it's simple.

There is no happiness manager in our agency. Instead, we have our own sorceress. Anet catches every defect, disharmony and error in the matrix, and senses our needs without us even knowing how.

It seems almost unbelievable to me, but Innovate fulfills everything I’ve ever wanted from an agency as a client. I wanted people to work hard and bring ideas of their own, to be reasonably priced, and to be personally appealing.

Martina Ptáčková, Account Supervisor

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