Finding Attraction.

We are professionals with rich backgrounds in the arts of brand self-expression and valuable brand-customer bonding, and in the science of creating a brand’s natural environment with digital-age creative paths and engagement strategies. Therefore, everyone you need in the fascinating world of today’s active marketing – from designers, script writers, and dramaturges to stage crews – are here.

Established in 2002, reborn in 2017.
Into the world of engagement marketing. We set the course for active communication. The ongoing transformation of the economic cycle from a “service economy” to an “experience economy” brought a significant change of the marketing funnel. So we transformed our original activities as an advertising agency and started writing a brand new chapter in modern marketing.

Born Of Passion.
From a passion to stand out, in our style of work and our ownership of results, and also in our selection of people. The award we earned for Best Media of the Year for Algida kicked everything into high gear. Over time we have created a team that fits together, helps each other out, and is constantly coming up with something new.

Diversity Lovers.
Some of us studied marketing and graphic design at school, others bring experience from years spent at the highly creative school of life. Some of us work overseas, others sit right in the agency. This gives us perspective and varied experience.


„I used to work in another agency for a large brand, and at times it was a bit amateurish and a bit guerrilla. Here, there’s clear skill and we know what kind of results to expect.“


Drive and Joy from Work Spurs our Eagerness to Discover. Accuracy is the Way to Trust.

„This team fulfils everything I’ve ever wanted from an agency as a client. I wanted people to work hard and bring ideas of their own, to be reasonably priced, and to be personally appealing.“


„Jirka came up with something that was supposed to be a vision, and asked us if we were all okay with it. We worked on it and now it’s more ours than Jirka’s. Now it’s our Innovate.“


Innovate? The Opposite Of Stuffy.

There is no happiness manager in our agency. Instead, we have our own sorceress. Anet catches every defect, disharmony and glitch in the matrix, and senses our needs without us even knowing how.

Thanks to this we create projects that are fun in themselves. We focus on experience as the new way of marketing products: experience that people feel the need to share. We know that experience is intrinsically linked to the feeling of happiness, and happiness influences the quality of life. When you’re preparing something like this, there’s no room for anything boring.

By the numbers.

countries with our activities
people on our amazing team
years of huge experiences
successfully realized events
square meters of production space
hours of enthusiasm every year


Creative and copywriting team.

Technical warehouse and equipment.

Transportable fully-equipped office.

Expediton team


PathFinder & Experiencologist

Perfect proof that chaos is a condition of creativity. Invite him to a meeting and experience a fireworks display of ideas, analyses and insights in which stay firmly rooted in the ground while taking you up into the clouds.


Team Spirit Sorceress

An enchanting witch who you might think takes care only of our perfect functioning. Then you'll see her at an event, and you'll understand why things work so well for us.


Guest Services Leader

Brings calmness in order and beauty in simplicity with her smile and constant nice words. However, behind the gentle facade of her royally responsible Highness, dwells an iron will and the endurance of a marathon runner.


Expedition Perfectionist

If it exists, Sasha will get it. She's our guarantee of miracles while you wait. If you need to discuss the details from all perspectives, then she's the right choice.


Expedition Strategist

Transforms words into deeds, thanks in part to a reliable radar for trouble, which she always manages to avoid. And she says the right words to the right person at the best possible time – or will you be witness to an exception which confirms the rule?



The only one in the team whose role has truly been in their blood since birth. If you need to be inspired to ingenuously pursue ideas, or shown how to best sink your teeth into a new opportunity, then he's the right choice for you. Follow me on IG: winnie_the_tracker


Expedition Specialist

A gentleman and surfer who even rides the waves that only upcoming generations know. And be careful using the word millennial with him. He reacts fiercely to it – particularly if he's running from a meeting to a school exam.


Live Event Queen

With a head full of ideas, and a heart which burns with enthusiasm for work. Under her baton, events are always perfectly organised. That is certainly one of the reasons why we take good care of her. What if she ended up resting on her laurels?


Captain & ExM Trainer

Sees in all directions simultaneously, and thus manages to reveal what most experienced guides miss. Clears the path, and respects the pace of everyone in the team.


Operations Leader

Where most people see an obstacle, Petra finds a solution. With a refined elegance, she will guide you through even the most complicated processes, and resolve crises with grace.


Media Queen & Base Camp Guardian

A positive hypernova with the courage to express her style and comment on anything, anytime. Just take a moment to talk with her, and you will be up to date on all the latest trends.


Operations Specialist

Industrious and precise, he can work on live and digital projects as hard as he works on the music he loves. You can recognize him by his characteristic jokes, and the Pilsen adverbs "kampa?" and "japato?"

Let's journey together

Crea - externista

Crea a copywriting

We are looking for an external creative team.

We are looking for new colleagues for a reliable external team to work with our creative team. We like an open attitude to work, to clients and to the team. Our interesting solutions can be even better - thanks to young people like you. 

Project Coordinator

Experiential Marketing

A colleague for the production team wanted.

You can look forward to the complete preparation and realisation of modern experiential marketing campaigns and live events. You will stretch the limits of normal days, and sometimes your own abilities. You'll be part of normal admin, and we'll definitely involve you in new projects.

Unlike others, our Cookies can be enjoyed.

Do you step to discover?