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Onlinemarketing trends in 2019

Chatbots, videos, voice assistants and implementation in social media apps - these are the near future. However, the real trend is the move towards users, according to Jan Polák from the entrepreneurship information website.


What a Joy to be Part of the Company Culture Market!

Thanks to nearly two years of work by our whole team and the fantastic atmosphere they have created, we are privileged to be one of the companies involved in COCUMA. Our team’s inspirational work brings new ideas and opens up opportunities for new visions.

Crea - externista

Crea a copywriting

We are looking for an external creative team.

We are looking for new colleagues for a reliable external team to work with our creative team. We like an open attitude to work, to clients and to the team. Our interesting solutions can be even better - thanks to young people like you. 

Project Coordinator

Experiential Marketing

A colleague for the production team wanted.

You can look forward to the complete preparation and realisation of modern experiential marketing campaigns and live events. You will stretch the limits of normal days, and sometimes your own abilities. You'll be part of normal admin, and we'll definitely involve you in new projects.

Unlike others, our Cookies can be enjoyed.

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