Even Ads Must Play According To The Rules.

/ 4 min read

Ads that work respect certain rules. For instance, they speak true, they're simple, and they help people choose what will work best for them. The way such ads are created and their essential ingredients are revealed by our colleague, art director and creative director Jirka Kubík. 


Looking To Sell? Stop Relying On The Funnel And Create Experiences.

/ 8 min read

You can cover your face and try to go a step further. But if you cover both eyes while hailstones lash your face, you lose your orientation, and the landscape you know quickly disappears. When conditions change, you should be ready. And in marketing, they have changed fundamentally. 


Would You Book A Hotel With A 30 % Trust Rating?

/ 7 min read

The numbers speak for themselves. More than four-fifths of the Czech population (85 %) are overwhelmed by advertising, and according to Focus, only a quarter of them believe it. Those under 35 are less trusting of all forms of advertising (OMG Research). Millennials are much more likely to buy what their friends have recommended than what they see advertised. Generation Z is even clearer about it – they deliberately ignore everything that is presented and sold in the traditional way. Customers have become very promiscuous, and brand fidelity has become under-the-counter merchandise. 


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