Bea World Expedition.

/ 3 min read

The Bea World Festival aims to reward the world’s best live events and live communication campaigns. And because our group of marketing adventurers definitely wanted to be there, we packed our expedition baggage and set out to Portugal, to map the varied landscape of live communication.


Innovate The Experience, Not Just The Product.

/ 6 min read

In recent years, brands have competed with one another mostly in the field of advantages and price. And gradually, they admit that more than ever before, their campaigns merely persuade. Their marketers realize that building future relationships with their customers, creating emotional connections, and inspiring loyalty must go beyond traditional “one-way” communications channels such as television or print advertising.


Insistence On Traditional Approaches To Advertising Can Quietly Kill A Brand.

/ 7 min read

More than ever before, it has become important to know what marketing does to make a brand achieve business results. Usually, marketers argue that they have raised awareness and that the number of anticipated purchases has risen due to the number of leads gained. However, as MasterCard's marketing manager said in an interview with the Sports Business Journal, „the CFO and CEO couldn’t care less about those metrics. They want to know what it has done for their business“.


Even Ads Must Play According To The Rules.

/ 4 min read

Ads that work respect certain rules. For instance, they speak true, they're simple, and they help people choose what will work best for them. The way such ads are created and their essential ingredients are revealed by our colleague, art director and creative director Jirka Kubík. 


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