Brand Promise

UNYP is the school for real business leaders. Thus, how can we increase the number of applicants for study at a private university at a time when state universities are offering vacancies and interest in private universities is falling?
/ University of New York in Prague

We Prove It

Yeah, we've went back to the basics of UNYP and gave a name to its essence – practical education.
Think. Real Practice Is Often In Contrast To Academic Theory.

In a Nutshell

With students, for students. We replaced traditional campaign development in an office with cooperation from students, and found out their expectations. From mass media to community. We shifted the priority from overfinanced media to personal contact. Experience instead of presentation. We facilitated direct contact with the university itself, and its staff, through fun, educational tools. Inbound activities. Rather than the original ads, we significantly increased the number of activities that naturally attract attention through their interesting content.

The Experience

We achieved the following results after only one year of cooperation:
+40 % increase in application for admissions.
+70,000 new followers on social media.
3rd position on Google Search with keyword MBA program.

+40 % +70,000 3rd

Experience Marketing Can Be A Better Choice Than Traditional Marketing.



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