Brand Promise

You’ll be surprised by the new lines of great appliances. Thus, how to present household appliance news to commercial partners so that they remember it amongst the flood of presentations of product benefits?
/ Bosch, Siemens, Zelmer

We Prove It

Instead of information about how great the products are, we've gave people the opportunity to try out this greatness for themselves.
On The Road.

In a Nutshell

Unique B2B concept. We went out to meet customers and changed the brand’s passive monologue into an active dialogue. 2 vs. 5 senses. With two big trucks visiting locations across the Czech and Slovak republics, we engaged other senses beyond the bounds of traditional advertising – touch, smell, taste – to strengthen the memorability of a specific brand. Experiences instead of promises. At selected locations we gave people the opportunity to use the appliances and see how they really work.

The Experience

2 trucks, 7 locations, 213 appliances, 4,500 km.
722 active B2B partners.
and a constantly growing market share for both brands.

2 trucks 7 locations 213 appliances 4,500km 722 active B2B partners

Do You Want Your Brand To Be On The Road?


I’d like to express my thanks for the preparation, organisation and realisation of all events this week. I’m also supposed to pass on the thanks of company management. Once again everything was done professionally and superbly. I know how much energy, effort and work it means for everyone.

Radka Petrášková
Head of Marketing CZ&SK
BSH domácí spotřebiče s.r.o.



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