Brand Promise

The main driver of innovations is the enthusiasm of employees. Thus, how to involve more than 1,000 employees in the development of a new brand strategy during a single day?
/ Oskar – Vodafone

We Prove It

We've allowed participants to experience the Learn By Game concept adopted by Oskar as a new strategy to help it become a market leader.
It's In You!

In a Nutshell

Unique locations in Prague. For one day, employees were divided into small teams and sent on missions to old, abandoned factories, parks, playing-fields and riverside boatyards in Prague. Engagement in creativity. Experienced facilitators prepared quests blended with intellectual and physical trials and attractive scenery, allowing them to create and experience key messages in the new strategy. Team work. At the closing party, the illumination of a phrase made up of thousands of lightbulbs received from each employee made them realise that each one of them is part of one team.

The Experience?

Synergy – in a single moment, more than 1,000 employees became actively involved in the new strategy.
The realisation team had a total of 250 members.
Realised in outstanding cooperation with the Vanadoo agency.

> 1,000 employees
became actively involved
250 Realisation Team Members

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