Project Coordinator
Experiential Marketing

A colleague for the production team wanted.

You can look forward to the complete preparation and realisation of modern experiential marketing campaigns and live events. You will stretch the limits of normal days, and sometimes your own abilities. You'll be part of normal admin, and we'll definitely involve you in new projects.

What's needed for this Project Coordinator position:

  • Secondary education with school-leaving qualification
  • Very good spoken and written English or German
  • Willingness to travel in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Driving licence of at least Group B, which you've used on the D1 motorway, Frankfurter Kreutz and one-way streets in Italy.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of working with PCs and MS Office
  • Flexibility with time, including some weekends

What do you get with us?

  • Full-time work in which you have fun
  • We'll support you when the work's hard
  • And when things are quiet, we enjoy it together.
  • We're sure that the financial conditions are interesting
  • Lots of experience and experiences that are hard to find elsewhere

You'll be a good addition to the team if...

  • you have an open mind and interesting ideas;
  • you can take decisions and accept responsibility;
  • you can organise not only yourself, but also the client and suppliers;
  • you love looking for answers to the questions "why", "how" and "when" until there's none left; 
  • you can talk, you can deal with people, you know your value, and quality is the most important thing to you. 

While a CV's great, what we're interested in is who you are and what you'd enjoy doing.

Established in 2002, reborn in 2016 into the world of engagement marketing. From a full-service agency in event, online and offline advertising, we were reborn into experiential marketing specialists. We realised the importance of the ongoing transformation of the economic cycle from a “service economy” to an “experience economy” and a significant change of the marketing funnel. Some “old truths” simply no longer work. So we transformed our original activities as an advertising agency and started writing a brand new chapter in modern marketing.



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