Are habits the barrier that stops us from spreading our wings and flying?

They say that old habits die hard. So hard that they hold us down at the ground and we are not able to shed their hard shells, spread our wings, fly and look around. So hard that they grip our current life, projects and ideas and make it impossible to breath and enthuse for anything new. But are we really held down by habits? Our habits? Isn't there more to it?

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Keep delivery term is about overcoming obstacles

In the world where technologies are changing so fast, that one hardly learns to use them, where things break down and stop functioning with surprising regularity, where obstacles are created by mistakes or inconsistent work of others and bummers stratify geometrically, where the least reliable is a word given by a man and the weakest link is the „omniscient“ human, in this world to commit to a concrete delivery date literally is an assisted suicide.

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